5 Ways 3rd Party Resources and Partners Help MSBs Speed Up Digital Transformation

5 Ways 3rd Party Resources and Partners Help MSBs Speed Up Digital Transformation

Jim Hawk
Jim Hawk

Choosing the right cloud or colocation can be an intimidating prospect. Apart from the duration of the process, organizations seeking digital transformation face a lack of open competition, a lack of pricing transparency, and an ever-changing technological landscape.

Strategic partners can augment your in-house transformation initiatives, remove significant roadblocks, and help you and your team achieve a speedy and efficient transition into a digital environment.

Here are five ways third-party resources can help MSBs speed up their digital transformation.

Optimizing E-Commerce and Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

1. Provide Expertise

Outsourcing part or all of your digital transformation gives you access to proven and effective resources and professionals who can guide you through the litany of market offerings and help you evaluate, compare, and ultimately find the best choice for your organization.

Strategic partners will help you improve your agility and innovation while also helping you design and implement a  navigational roadmap for you to follow toward your long-term goals. This process allows the buyer to leverage expertise from multiple sellers and create completely customized solutions.

2. Eliminate Unhelpful Options

Working with a third party will help you cut out CSPs and products that aren’t a great fit for your needs. Marketplaces like UCXmarket provide a hassle-free space where thousands of VMs, bare metal, and colocation or cloud vendors compete against each other for your business. This proprietary platform provides a single point aggregator model which allows buyers to find a low-cost entry or replacement points to the cloud and compare them.

This process is driven by price discovery, free quotes, and no buyer transaction fees. UCX eliminates wasted time and energy entertaining unhelpful CSPs with a point-and-click platform, which allows users to quickly establish their colocation or cloud configuration needs.

3. Facilitate Deployment

Once you’ve chosen the right CSP for your organization, a third-party partner will assist in the migration process, helping you deploy your new services with an eye on efficiency and scalability. Your partner will make sure you’re set up for success and help advocate for your needs as laid out in your long-term plans.

The experienced third-party partner you’ll be working with will have assisted dozens—if not hundreds—of other businesses with seamless deployments and will be able to apply that insider knowledge to your enterprise’s unique strategy.

4. Free Up Internal Resources

It’s no secret that IT budgets across many industries are under intense pressure. Too frequently organizations begin their digital transformation by reallocating already overburdened resources and shrinking budgets. Leveraging third-party expertise will help you save valuable man-hours and optimize your investments and infrastructure. Outsourcing part of your management of financial IT risk exposure is key to working efficiently toward digital transformation in the shortest amount of time possible.

5. Minimize Inner-Organization Friction

Resistance to change and risk aversion contribute considerably to stalled or prolonged digital transformation. Working with a third party partner can help increase executive confidence in transformation initiatives and relieve friction within organizations throughout the selection and implementation stages. Third party partners like UCX provide users with a selection Process Map document to support purchasing decisions and how they were made. This can even be shared amongst key stakeholders in order to further ensure a unified commitment to the strategy.

How UCX Can Help

If your MSB is planning to migrate to the cloud, contact us to learn how UCX can help you achieve those goals. If you’re ready to begin shopping for cloud services on UCXmarket, you can sign up for free now.

Optimizing E-Commerce and Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

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