How to Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy for MSBs on a Tight Schedule

How to Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy for MSBs on a Tight Schedule

Jim Hawk
Jim Hawk

Creating your digital transformation strategy is key to accelerating your organization’s cloud migration process. If your digital transformation strategy isn’t properly aligned with your long-term business goals, you can end up with a cumbersome system that doesn’t suit your needs and slows down all of your processes.

Here are some tips on how to create a strategy to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

Optimizing E-Commerce and Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

Get Granular

You should first map out exactly what it is you are looking to gain from your digital transformation and then cut out any CSPs that don’t align with your plans for the future. Instead, hone in on features that are essential to the demands of your industry.

As an MSB professional, security is likely your number one concern when shopping for a CSP, so you should allocate a considerable portion of your budgeted time to weighing your options from a security perspective. You should also document any regulatory compliance standards you need to meet, as well as your networking, architecture, and performance-based requirements.

Skipping this essential step in your strategy can have you including countless providers in your search that aren’t an adequate fit for your needs.

Leverage Third Party Partners

Searching for the right fit for your organization can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Dealing directly with vendor salespeople can create unnecessary complications during the most essential phase of your digital migration and lead to more operational roadblocks as time goes on.

Personally sifting through the endless array of cloud offerings—many of which either offer services unrelated to your long-term goals or lack essential components your team needs—can be the biggest time-drain of your digital transformation. Working with a third party partner like UCX can save you time and resources by focusing your comparison only on options that are worthy candidates for your business.  

The UCXmarket is designed to help you partner with the right vendor and guide your transition. Vendors compete against each-other for your business in the marketplace while you compare options. Whether you’re looking for VMs, bare metal, or colocation, UCX is there to guide you through the sea of open offers with an eye for your specific needs.

Don’t Stop at the Purchase

Avoid the mistake of not including your implementation process in your digital transformation strategy. While choosing the right solution may be the most important step in your transformation, not properly preparing your team for the transition will cost you additional time and money.

In your strategy, you should map out time to prepare all necessary parties in your organization for the transition and beyond. Make sure everyone on your team knows how to most efficiently use your new tools, and solicit early feedback from clients and employees to address issues before they have a chance to compound.

Testing your new product for performance, vulnerability, and stress within the scope of your overall strategy is key to moving forward efficiently. UCX will facilitate the deployment of your new system and remove obstacles that would otherwise detract from the speed and efficiency of the process.  

In short, digital transformation is a necessary step for MSBs to grow more efficiently and adapt to new technologies. An organization’s failure to properly implement and integrate digital channels into its ecosystem can cause considerable damage to its functionality, so taking the time to develop a successful strategy can make the transition as painless and fruitful as possible.

How UCX Can Help

If your MSB is planning to migrate to the cloud, contact us to learn how UCX can help you achieve your goals. If you’re ready to begin shopping for cloud services on UCXmarket, you can sign up for free now.

Optimizing E-Commerce and Marketplace Models for Cloud Buying

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