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Posted by Jim Hawk on Mar 8, 2019 1:36:15 PM
Jim Hawk

Cloud computing technologies touch and interact with just about everything around us. It’s in our homes, in our workplace, and far beyond. Whether it’s the subtle buzz of a server in a mega corporation’s office or a smartphone on the beach, cloud technology is everywhere, and knowing how and when to buy the right cloud service is more important than ever.

Whenever a piece of technology is this universal, investing in it is both easy and difficult. Easy, because there are so many providers and sellers hoping to earn your business. Difficult, because finding the right provider to meet your specific needs can be a daunting task when there’s so much competition in the cloud buying market.

If you’re ready to start buying cloud services for your company, then read the information below first. These simple examinations will provide you with the foundation you need to find the best cloud services for the best prices and from the best providers.

Transparent Pricing

For too long the process of buying cloud services has been unruly, overly complicated, and time-consuming. However, the problem of wasted cloud spending doesn’t often stem from poor budgeting, or even from mistakes made within IT departments. These problems stem from the cloud services market itself.

Complicated cloud buying marketplaces can cost your organization money by inhibiting its productivity, increasing overhead costs, and force you to settle for a service or provider that is overpriced and packed with features you might not even need.

On top of that, there are hardly any tools you can use to compare the different offers and services on the market. This means companies have to reach out to each provider individually, spend time on the phone with salespeople, and then compare all of the information they’re given with the information they gather from all of the other providers they’ve looked at.

Even if you do find a provider this way, organizations often have to sign a contract before they understand all of the additional fees and charges that their newly acquired cloud services could saddle them with. These costs can occur as a result of migrational fees, overused resources, underused resources, the expiration of free resources, and more.

With so many potentially hidden fees to navigate through, transparent pricing in the traditional cloud buying environment is almost unheard of. However, with our UCXmarket platform, you as the buyer are given all of the power in the cloud-buying process.

You list the specifications you want, and UCXmarket will match you with providers who can meet those requirements. From there you can freely explore each provider's qualifications and then have them bid for your business. It’s a streamlined, intuitive system that cuts out the busy work and makes it easier than ever to find the best cloud services.

Making Cloud Buying Easy

UCXmarket was designed to provide a solution to the outdated legacy sales systems of yesteryear. In the past, it wouldn’t have been uncommon for a CXO, VP, or procurement officer to have to spend hours on the phone with a long list of salespeople before they came anywhere close to making an actual purchasing decision.

With the features provided by UCXmarket, however, organizations can now shop for cloud services in a single, centralized marketplace that actively helps them gain insights into the cloud systems they’re considering. When you sign up for a free account, UCXmarket will work with you to:

  • Choose and build the right solution for your needs

  • Have providers create aggressive proposals to deliver it

  • Plan for a seamless cloud migration

  • Deploy your new cloud services

  • Manage those services, and more!

Our platform allows people buying cloud for an enterprise to show a documented process for making their choice based on a comparison of proposals from certified providers. By eliminating hidden fees and a confusing sales path, UCXmarket puts the power of cloud buying back in the hands of buyers, empowering them to make the best decisions for their company, its cloud service needs, and its future.

Cloud Buying Made Easy with UCXmarket

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