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Posted by Jim Hawk on Mar 8, 2019 1:43:42 PM
Jim Hawk

As more and more companies migrate themselves into a digital landscape, the need for reliable and sustainable cloud storage has become more than ever before. However, the cloud buying process is often clunky and labor-intensive, with the best prices and cloud providers lost in the ever-growing crowd of competition.

Even if you find a provider who can meet your cloud buying needs, the sales runaround is long and slows down your progress. No one likes jumping through hoops just to close a sale. This is where UCXmarket comes in.

For every company that feels short on time, understaffed, or simply want to extract the maximum amount of value from their cloud services, UCXmarket offers a solution. UCXmarket is the only centralized cloud buying marketplace that equips users with the planning, design, and deployment tools they’ll need to streamline the cloud buying process and ensure they get the best service for the best price.

With an easy-to-navigate design and intuitive features, this centralized cloud marketplace compares thousands of cloud options at once and then shows you the best-of-the-best based on the prerequisites you provide. This feature, along with others, is designed to empower each and every user with the ability to build and compare the best solutions for your IT needs within your budget.

A Customizable Solution

Instead of needing to individually compare and contrast every cloud provider you come across, UCXmarket comes equipped with filtered search options that are specifically designed to help you find VMs, bare metal, and colocation services based on their type, location, OS, and other features. This approach sidesteps one of the most significant obstacles that plague companies looking to expand their cloud adoption efforts: a fragmented marketplace.

Here are just a few of the features that UCXmarket can offer its users:

  • Instant comparisons of a variety of cloud options, including Virtual Servers, Bare Metal, Colocation and more.

  • Consultations and side-by-side product/service comparisons so you can make your decision with confidence.

  • Advanced algorithms and machine learning designed to help you narrow your search and find an option that matches your exact specifications.

  • Easy account linking and server provisioning for Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, and Packet.

Without the streamlined approach that UCXmarket provides, comparing cloud products can be a piecemeal process that forces you to talk to purchasers and salespeople who will all give you the same sales pitch. In the UCXmarket ecosystem, however, you as the buyer are given all the power.

If you’re looking into what your cloud buying options are, all you have to do is plug your specifications into the UCXmarket search tool, peruse the providers that match those requirements and then click to purchase. It’s quick, easy, intuitive, and can be done without ever speaking to a salesperson.

A Bright Cloud Buying Future

Cloud buying never has to be cumbersome again. The legacy systems of old are no longer useful in today’s ever-evolving cloud environment, which is why e-commerce models like UCXmarket are so needed. Not only will UCXmarket cut away the excess noise of the cloud buying process, but it also provides users with an all-in-one cloud buying store that’s as seamless as they come.

The future of the cloud buying marketplace doesn’t have to be dour. When you work with UCXmarket, the buyers are in control and don’t have to worry about overpaying for cloud services or computing power that they just don’t need.

If you and your company are in need of cloud services, then you shouldn’t have to run through an obstacle course just to make a purchase. We designed UCXmarket to empower our users to easily compare prices and look into providers with nothing less than transparency. Contact us today or visit our homepage to get started today!

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