The Four Pain Points of Cloud Adoption with Karl Scott

Posted by Jim Hawk on Nov 8, 2018 4:59:40 PM
Jim Hawk

Instead of my usual blog, I thought I would share this great podcast from CouldCents, UCX's podcast series hosted by CNBC's Jack Bouroudjian. In this episode, his guest Karl Scott of Satori consulting talks about and breaks down four major pain points for digital transformation and cloud adoption. Whether you may be looking at a move to the cloud or you're just a student of IT trends, it's a quick listen, and really identifies the key things that people and companies need to think about.

The Four Pain Points of Cloud Adoption with Karl Scott

Institutions are having a difficult time handling the following four points of cloud adoption:

  • architecture
  • migration
  • security
  • and services needed.
Jack and Karl go in-depth into each issue and search for answers.

About CloudCents

CloudCents is the podcast that bridges the world of cloud infrastructure and the emerging technologies of Fintech. With the innovation the world of technology is experiencing, and at the fastest pace in human history, understanding these concepts is more important than ever. CloudCents helps inform listeners on the intersection of these areas, with insights from Jack and interviews with the industry leaders that are shaping the new digital age. As Chief Economist at UCX and a frequent CNBC contributor as your host, Jack will help CloudCents to explore the different sides of the Cloud marketplace and its effects on the world of finance, retail, and technology. CloudCents – conversations on everything cloud and fintech.

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